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Chardonnay Delle Venezie

Name of the wine: Chardonnay I.g.t. Delle Venezie.
Name producer: Azienda Agricola Gorgo
Name of origin: I.G.T. Delle Venezie.
Grapes: Chardonnay 100%.
Region - Terroir - Wine company: Custoza (Verona), in the southern area of Veneto Region (Italy).
The soil has a glacial origin with smooth stone deposits; it is typically whitish, and consists of rock fragments, pebbles, humus and silt rich in calcium carbonate concentration at high pH.
The climate is mild with average rainfall.
The yield of grapes is 12.000 kgs per hectar.
Vinification (wine preparation): Maceration on the skins at controlled temperature.
Ageing: 4 months in stainless steel vat.
Taste impression / serving temperature / storing capacity: Crisp, fruity, aromatic, with impressive tropical fruit and a touch of pear. Its slightly mineral notes makes the wine smooth and rich with a complex and persistent structure.
Alcohol level: 13% vol.
Storing capacity: 18 months.
Culinary advice:Wonderful with shellfish, salmon, sushi, spaghetti with claims.
Serve at 10°C.


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