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Rosa di Monte Torre

We have been cultivating this “difficult vine” on the slope of Monte Torre (approx. 130 m a.s.l.) in Custoza for over 10 years: Pink Muscat. Despite its scarce yield, the genetically hard pollination and floral abortion, the anomalous development of grape berries, nevertheless, we obtain a surprisingly sweetnon sweet pleasant, harmonious and smooth wine.

Vines: Moscato rosa.
Training system and yield: Trellis - 40q/ha
Vinification: Very late harvest with overripe grapes and fermentation in stainless steel vats.
Ageing: After 5/6 months it is bottled to age for approx. 24 months.
Bouquet: Complex and harmonious scent of raisin and plums.
Colour: Bright and vivid deep coral pink.
Exotic fruits(pineapple, passion fruit) and citrus (lemon and pineapple) and a subtle fragrance of rose.
Flavour: Harmonious and full-bodied but smooth-textured, deliciously sweet but never cloy and fat given that light persistent acidity leaving a clean mouth feeling.
Alcohol level: 13,5% vol.
Food matches: Strong and spicy cheese or with dry pastry or nuts
and almonds. Ideal also alone.
Serve at 14°C.