Custoza D.O.c.


Organic Wine – Spumante Brut

A local sparkling wine, the mark of the strong bond with our land and its unique, extraordinary grapes. A brut with a pleasing mineral texture, which enhances the aromas of the native vines. Fruity, elegant, with an excellent balance between acidity and flavour.

Bardolino Chiaretto D.o.c


Organic Wine – Spumante Brut

A youthful, delicate freshness in a pink guise. Citrus and crunchy berries with seductive, salty hints in the finale. A well-structured, enveloping brut that can be perfect for daring pairings.

Frizzante Bianco


Organic Wine

Synonymous with “sparkling” and contagious merrymaking, it is a wine for aperitifs on long evenings but with a moderate alcohol content, also appreciated by those who favour a more delicate but equally fine and elegant wine due to health or dietary reasons.

Sparkling Rosè

100 Rosa

Organic Wine

La veste rosa, luminosa e invitante, di un frizzante delizioso che stimolThe pink, luminous and inviting appearance of this delicious sparkling wine stimulates the imagination and encourages conviviality.

I.G.T. Verona

Rosa di Montetorre

A sweet, pink nectar that is harmonious and smooth.
Unique of its kind.



Sono vini di territorio, biologici, rappresentativi delle più importanti denominazioni veronesi. Lo stile è moderno, eclettico e versatile, pur rimanendo fedele espressione dell’affascinante terroir del lago di Garda, che dona naturalmente armonia, mineralità e sapidità.



A line that seeks to express to the utmost the true vocation of the territory where the vineyards are located.
Our aim is expressive purity so that the wines give an authentic and highly recognisable account of their origin.