Custoza D.O.C.

San michelin

Organic Wine

The ancient vineyard of San Michelin interprets and represents the character and merits of Custoza wine with great elegance: fresh, fruity, flavourful and slightly aromatic. Time allows it to evolve and decisively express its full structure and mineral notes.

Custoza Superiore D.o.c


Organic Wine

A Custoza obtained with grapes harvested when overripe, in which exotic fruit is much to the fore, accompanied by flowers and spices. Powerful and vibrant, it is an elegant, long-lived wine.

Bardolino Superiore D.o.c.g

Monte Maggiore

Careful vinification of native grapes harvested with care in the vineyard and a period of ageing of no less than a year create a wine with structure. It is fruity and slightly spicy with great personality and typicality, inspired by the highest DOCG values.


I.G.T. Verona


This proprietary blend of red berry grapes is enriched by the flavour and softness bestowed by the morainic soil. The wine we obtain is full-bodied, harmonious and balanced with rich hints of red fruit and enveloping spicy notes.

Corvina veronese I.G.T.

Ca' Nova

A wine of great purity obtained from the most important and renowned grape of the Verona area: Corvina. An intense, elegant and structured flavour demonstrates the great value placed on the bond with the territory of provenance.

I.G.T. Verona

Il Rabitto

The grapes that traditionally make up the blend of this, the company’s historic wine, all come from the same plot, in accordance with an ancient local custom. Long ageing in wood bestows clear notes that are never detrimental to the varietal expression of this harmonious red wine, rich in personality and character, slightly fruity and pleasingly spicy.



These are local, organic wines that represent the most important Veronese denominations. The style is modern, eclectic and versatile, while remaining faithful expressions of the delightful terroir of Lake Garda, which naturally bestows harmony, minerality and taste.



The wines that we choose for the precious occasions in life, devoted to intimacy or conviviality, being together in a simple, frugal way or on moments of everyday fun. Cheerful, uninhibited and accessible, they are always an excellent reason for a toast.