The architectural projects entrusted over the years by the Bricolo family to the ‘Bricolo-Falsarella’ studio have involved the restoration and expansion of the wine cellar and wine shop with the construction of a new wing connected to the existing villa and the subsequent creation of the garden-brolo for hospitality.
Veduta aerea del complesso della cantina

Building with Stone

“Building as an expression of assembly, the emotion of material, the purity of wine, the strength of architecture”

The first renovation project began in 2005 and was dedicated to the cellar, the warehouse and the creation of hospitality areas around the main courtyard. Architect Bricolo’s project was inspired by the materials present on site and used for centuries in Veronese architecture, making the stone the protagonist.

The new wing connects the wine shop and the courtyard with the countryside and the vineyards and was built with 118 solid stone blocks (2x1x0.60 m) cut rough and dry-assembled in 10 days. The materials are Vicenza stones, extracted from nearby quarries for the masonry and nembro Veronese and used, as per local tradition, for the base, cornices and shoulders.


By combining the centuries-old tradition of the context with the intrinsic characteristics of this material, such as thermal inertia, aiming the achieve the creation of spaces that are sustainable from the energy point of view, avoiding all temperature variations harmful to wine conservation, facilitating transpiration and natural cooling of the building.

The Brolo

A model of hybrid space between indoor and outdoor, existing for centuries in the Veneto countryside, serving as corporate hospitality.

Over time, Custoza has become a must-visit destination for tourists and visitors in search of places to fully experience the combination of wine and landscape.


The desire to welcome our guests in an open, but exclusive and well-kept environment, where they can taste wines or live dedicated experiences, while enjoying the uniqueness of the surrounding environmental scenery, has led us to entrust the studio Bricolo – Falsarella with a new project to expand the company’s spaces dedicated to hospitality.


The major architectural intervention planned and designed since 2015 and completed in 2021 in the so-called ‘BROLO’ reinterpreted the rural architecture type that has been present in the Veneto countryside for centuries.


The new Brolo is developed in the back part of the courtyard (according to local tradition) and is constructed as an elongated rectangular room with an open sky, closed on the sides to form a large central void. The large void constitutes the physical, architectural and symbolic pivot of the project. The materials used have rough surfaces (rough-hewn stone, fair-faced reinforced concrete, brushed wood, rusted iron) in order to relate expressively with the sunlight, carrying on the authenticity typical of vernacular buildings in the area.


In this space, visitors can meet and linger contemplating the landscape through wings, hints, frames, actively participating in the beauty of the environment.

Starting from this idea and context, where architecture is the art of hospitality, the company offers visits and tastings for anyone wishing to experience pleasure in a place that carefully and with dedication preserves its rhythms, its products and its natural beauty, free from an increasingly fast-paced and superficial contemporary life.

Awards and acknowledgements for completed works:
  • Premio Giovani Architetti dell’Accademia di San Luca in Rome, 2005.
  • XII Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires, 2009.
  • Architects’ Prize Verona 2021 I Winning Project (Order of Architects Planners Landscapers and Conservators of the Province of Verona.
  • Italian Architect Award 2022 I Mention (National Council of Architects Planners Landscapers and Conservators).
  • Exhibition New Italian Wineries. Territori e Architettuture 2022: the Brolo della Cantina Gorgo included among the best 11 wineries built in Italy from 2012 to 2022.
  • Travelling exhibition (Verona on the occasion of Vinitaly, Florence at Palazzo Medici Ricciardi on the occasion of the Tuscan Region’s Preview Week, Merano at Kunsthaus Meran on the occasion of the Merano Wine Festival, Pollenzo Agency, Forlì Museo Diocesano) curated by Casabella.
  • IN/ARCHITECTURE Veneto I Award Winner Project 2023 (IN/Arch Triveneto).