The agricultural company

Our company has a long history (fifty years) in the Verona region and currently covers an area of 53 hectares on the morainic hills around the village of Custoza, producing the typically excellent wines of this region, using its own certified organic grapes.

The wine producing cellar is run personally by the owner, aided by the ongoing professional consultancy of her wine experts with the aim of producing authentic wines that are firmly balanced between the evolution of the taste with the passage of time and the wealth of our great tradition.

The same spirit and style drove the architectural extension and restoration works in 2005 and 2015, both of the vinification cellar and the buildings used as accommodation for guests: they perfectly represent the Company’s pursuit of quality and strong characterisation.





Extension and restoration project – Architect Filippo Bricolo: the building as an expression of assembly, the emotion of the material, the purity of the wine, the strength of the architecture.