Authenticity and sustainability

Organic wine

Organic wine is obtained from grapes that we cultivate in compliance with the rules laid down by the current European regulations on the matter (834/07 and 889/2008), which exclude the use of pesticides and synthetic chemical fertilizers, as well as the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO).

Organic agriculture means managing the cultivation of our wines in a sustainable way, based on the interaction between the best environmental practices, the maintenance of a high degree of biodiversity and the application of strict rules to safeguard the territorial resources.

A vineyard is a little ecosystem where the growth of the vines and the yield are strictly linked to the characteristics of the land and its exposure, the climate and the type of vine. Therefore, as winegrowers, we must be concerned not only with the vines but also everything that surrounds them.


If we want to produce in an organic way, the wine production ecosystem must be in balance as far as possible in order to work best. This is a prerequisite in order to be able to cultivate without the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

For these reasons, we take care of the native vegetation, we plant hedges to encourage the insect population, we sow grass in the rows, controlling the growth through cutting and mowing and we employ the green manure technique to improve the fertility of the land and regenerate its structure. When necessary, to fertilise the soil, we use organic fertilizer. To defend the crops from parasites, we act preventively by strengthening the plants and then directly with pesticide treatments of natural origin (such as copper, sulfur, plant extracts etc.) as well as using the biological method (the use of living organisms antagonistic to parasites, the so-called sexual confusion technique against moths).

Organic vine cultivation means healthy grapes in the cellar, grown with respect for the environment and without the use of substances that can also be harmful to humans.

Thanks to respectful cultivation, we can fully perform our role. Our grapes reveal their provenance because, by reducing the use of chemical products to a minimum, a wine is produced in which the specific characteristics of the vine remain as intact as possible, that is, an authentic, unique and incomparable wine, the full expression of its climate and its territory.

It should be remembered that it is no easy matter to produce organic wine because a great deal of constant, patient manual work is required by our collaborators and we are subject to continuous controls by the competent authorities in order for them to issue the certifications. It is our passion and our choice. It is our passion and our choice.


The sustainable features of our wines are:


53 hectares, all organic certified.


We do not use products of animal origin or containing allergens in the wine production process. biodegradable diffuser

he use of resources and the management of the cellar are optimized. (Rinsing machine with water recovery, choice of construction materials such as stone and marble blocks for energy saving)

We employ sustainable procedures that allow us to work in full respect of the environment, avoiding waste and recycling when possible. (Totally biodegradable vine ties, biodegradable diffusers for sexual confusion)


Cork: organic, plastic free, Co2 – 392 g retention
declaration of cork compositiondeclaration of origin and decortication

Label: FSC certified paper – see certificate

Cardboard: Recycled paper