Our History

The Family

Roberta Bricolo is currently at the helm of the family company, founded by her parents Alberta and Roberto in 1975. Since its earliest days, it has been devoted to the production of the classic wines of this wonderful corner of the Veneto, between Verona and Lake Garda, the quintessential produce of this region.

The cellar is part of the history of the Verona region and the path that led to its creation sheds light on the lives of people who are used to making courageous choices.

Indeed, Roberta’s parents turned their backs on the businesses of their respective families to pursue together the dream of a wine production company, investing their bodies and souls in the endeavour.

Roberto’s courage and imagination were matched by Alberta’s elegance and determination as together, from the 1980s onward, they brought their wines to an appreciative public, first in the Verona region and later in broader international forums, at the same time becoming interpreters and pioneers of the modern concept of hospitality, taking real pleasure in generously welcoming to the cellar guests who wanted to experience it first hand and get to know their faces.

The enterprise and enthusiasm of the parents have guided important choices in their daughter’s life.

Having grown up in the countryside, on completion of her classical studies in Verona, Roberta embarked on a career as a lawyer before finding herself dreaming more and more of the life of the winemaker, a path that she too decided to follow. Her passion for wine and everything associated with it ran through her blood and influenced her personal choices in terms of style and ethics.

Organic is not a choice, it is the only way that i believe reflects our idea of making wine

This was Roberta’s vision when she picked up the baton from her parents and began the process in 2014 of converting all the Company’s vineyards to the organic method, an area that currently stands at 53 hectares of certified vines.

The territorial identity, the enhancement of the varieties and the guarantee of the healthiness of the grapes are the ideals that inspire the Company to produce wines that are faithful to their roots but with modern, eclectic appeal. The estate, with its young and dynamic staff, gained visibility and respect in the competitive oenological world in the Verona region by offering wines of which exquisiteness was the distinctive feature.